The Clinton Substance Abuse Council (CSAC) began in 1989 as a volunteer coalition concerned with the escalating trend of drug abuse among Clinton youth. Today the organization provides supports to local community coalitions and other related organizations. Its assistance is designed to support communities combat substance abuse related issues, including but not limited to violence, family cohesiveness, parenting skills, etc. CSAC’s role in addressing these issues is through program planning and management, community planning and development, fundraising, and publicity. The Clinton Substance Abuse Council also offers information and referral services, and works to educate the community about substance related issues. They are widely recognized for their understanding of issues and trends and for innovation in programming.  To learn more about the Clinton Substance Abuse Council Foundation visit:

The purpose of Clinton Substance Abuse Council is to build strong, stable and informed community-based coalitions in the gateway area for the purpose of establishing healthy and caring communities free of substance abuse and related behavioral health issues. Learn more about the coalition's below.
Camanche-DeWitt Coalition
The Gateway ImpACT Coalition, through collaboration, works to develop solutions to community problems that are related to substance abuse issues through the process of facilitation, cooperation, education, and communication.
The Camanche-DeWitt Coalition, through partnership and collaboration, work to reduce unhealthy use and abuse of substances and related issues by youth and, over time, adults in Camanche and DeWitt and surrounding areas.

As you may be aware, we had a generous donor offer to match all gifts to the Gateway ImpACT Coalition or Clinton Substance Abuse Council Foundation. So that means any gift that you give will be doubled!  In addition, if you make your gift a monthly donation, we will get an additional $100! That means if you set up a monthly donation in December to donate $5 your total 2020 investment is $5, but that gift will get matched with $105, meaning your $5 gift actually was $110!!!  This can be done to both the GIC & CSAC so you are able to donate $5 to both GIC and CSAC monthly we would get an additional $200 on top of your donation being matched dollar for dollar!!  We are looking for 17 more monthly donations to meet our goal. To donate to Clinton Substance Abuse Council click the donate button in the top right corner of this page.

 Here are some most frequently asked questions:

 1. Can I donate through my workplace, like a payroll deduction?  The answer is YES!! This is an awesome way to donate and sometimes employers will even match the employees donation!!  If you do a monthly contribution, your gift is also eligible for the $100 bonus. As a note, you will likely have to search for the charity: Our legal name is Clinton Substance Abuse Council, Inc. Each business is different so if this is something that you set up, please let me know so I can look for the donation and count your donation towards our goal, and let me know if you want your gift to GIC or CSAC.

2. I don’t have PayPal, can I just write a check or give you cash? The answer is YES!! We appreciate all support to GIC or CSAC.  If you would like to mail a check, please do so to: Clinton Substance Abuse Council or Gateway ImpACT Coalition at 250 20th Avenue North, Suite 146, Clinton, Iowa 52732.  If you want to donate cash, you can drop it off at our office or call and I will be happy to pick it up. (563-241-4371)

 3. I can’t do a monthly donation, is a one time gift still wanted?  The answer is absolutely YES!!  Any and all gifts are greatly appreciated!! You can make a one time gift via cash or check (see #2) or by clicking the donate button in the top right corner of this page.

 4. What is the difference between donating to Gateway ImpACT Coalition or the Clinton Substance Abuse Council?  The donations to GIC will be used for immediate needs of the coalition that cannot or not currently covered by covered under any grants.  As an example, if the GIC wants to do a social marketing campaign on marijuana.  We currently have no funding to do so.  If the GIC decides this is needed, we can use the donations to fund our campaign.  In the past we have used this funding to pay for a bus rental to take youth to day on the hill, food for focus groups, items for the Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer (drug paraphernalia) to use as teaching aides/props.  The CSAC Foundation is set up to ensure long term sustainability of CSAC.  CSAC has been around for over 31 years and hope to be for 31 more years!  This money is invested in an foundation and each year the Council has funds available to cover any coalition expenses.  We are currently about 95% grant funded and we want to ensure that CSAC can continue to operate with or without grant funding.  To learn more about the CSAC Foundation visit:  Gifts to the Foundation are also eligible for the Endow Iowa 25% Tax Credit!

 Are gifts tax-deductible? The Clinton Substance Abuse Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that can receive tax-deductible donations.  All donors will receive a receipt with donation information on it that can be used for tax purposes.  Each donation is different and we suggest you consult your tax preparer for additional questions, but we will provide you documentation needed.

 Still have questions?  Please contact Kristin at 563-241-4371 or email at

Clinton CRUSH+ stands for Community Resources United to Stop Heroin and other drugs. CRUSH+ strives to provide viable resources within the community to combat the opioid epidemic through identification, education, treatment and prevention. 

Clinton CRUSH +


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